About Me

Born in 1999, I’ve been painting and drawing since childhood. I followed my passion into adulthood and gained a Merit for my University Diploma in Fine art. I followed this by gaining a place in the Brighton University School of Painting. During my formal education, I developed an interest in landscape painting, from the tradition of the romantic period and the work of Turner.

I now live and work in Southampton, England. In addition to painting, I travel, and I play the flute. Both music and my travels have an inspirational role in the creation of my paintings.

Up close, my art is comprised of overlapping colours and brush marks, which at a distance form a complete scene. I build up my paintings over many layers of glazing acrylic paint; this creates beautiful depth through complex workings with colour. Using gentle brushstrokes for seamless blending, my work helps to promote the feeling of capturing an instant in time on canvas, prolonging the moments that often feel too fleeting to be observed in everyday life.


Get in touch with me, artist Emily Curtis, to discuss my collection of moving art.

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